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Calendar of Events

< May 2020 >
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  BSA: Customer Identification Program - Is it time to Update?
  Equipment Lease Financing
  Introduction to Banking for New Employees
  Lending Compliance for Marijuana-Related Businesses
  Coaching Tellers to Excellence
  TRID A-Z Seminar OnDemand with Live Streaming
  25 Baseline Controls Banks Struggle to Implement
  Fair Lending
  Reg E Compliance - Five Best Practices for Handling Disputes
  Writing BSA Policy and Procedures
  Introduction to ACH: The Basics
  Paycheck Protection Program Webinar - How Lenders can Defend Against Claims in PPP Litigation
  Basic Personal and Business Tax Return Analysis
  Implementing the 2020 Uniform Residential Loan Application
  Understanding Commercial Real Estate Loan Documents
  Spotting Opportunities and Making Referrals
  Basic Bankruptcy for Bankers
  President/CEO Roundtable, The League (3/26/20)
  Deposit Regulation Update and Review
  The Role of An ISO During a Crisis Webinar
  Finance/Operations Roundtable, Group A - The A Team (3/24/20)
  Rural Development and Lending Conference
  Rural Development and Lending Conference
  Opening Fiduciary Accounts
  The Growth Challenge: Strategies to Drive Results
  Staff Training: Human Smuggling, Human Trafficking, Elder Fraud and Identity Theft
  How to Hire Your Next Sales Superstar
  BSA: MSBs, MRBs, TPPPs, NGOs and All the High Risk Customers
  Bank Call Report Preparation for Beginners - Part 3
  Safely Implementing Cash Recyclers
  Mortgage Origination Compliance: Part 1
  Acing Your Job as a Customer Service Expert
  Bank Call Report Preparation for Beginners - Part 4
  Troubled Debt Restructuring
  Senior Lending Officer Roundtable (Groups 1 and 4)
  Finance/Operations Roundtable, Group B - The Brain Trust (6/2/20)
  Mortgage Origination Compliance: A 2-Part Series
  Electronic Returned Items: Meeting Error Resolution Requirements & Combating Fraud
  Senior Lending Officer Roundtable (Group 2)
  President/CEO Roundtable, Group 5 - The Dirty Dozen (6/3/20)
  Controlling the Risks of Power of Attorney Documents
  Senior Lending Officer Roundtable (Group 3)
  President/CEO Roundtable, Group 2 - The Knights of the Round Table (6/4/20)
  Quarterly Compliance Briefing: Summer 2020
  Bank Call Report Preparation for Beginners - Part 5
  Vendor Management 2020