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Career Paths for Bankers

< December 2018 >
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  Commercial Real Estate Lending: Cash Flow Analysis & Cap Rates
  TRID Check Point - The 10/1/18 Rule Changes
  Writing Deposit Operations Procedures
  Operational Considerations for a De Novo Bank
  Agricultural Loan Documentation & Administration
  A Lender's Guide to Understanding and Assessing Commercial Real Estate Leases
  Top 50 Safe Deposit Procedures
  SAR Decision Making
  How to Analyze the Purchase of an Existing Business
  Finance/Operations Roundtable Group A - The A Team (12/4/18)
  401(k) Training for Human Resources Professionals
  Developing and Documenting a CRA Assessment Area
  Basic Bankruptcy for Bankers
  President/CEO Roundtable, Group 4 - Mayhem (12/5/18)
  401(k) Training for Human Resources Professionals
  IRS Information Reporting: Rules and Forms
  Loan Documentation 101: Two Part Series
  Loan Documentation 101: Basic Secured Loan Documentation
  Bank Secrecy Act Seminar
  Loan Documentation 101: Lien Perfection, Business Collateral
  The Five Pillars of BSA
  Excel 101: Introduction to Spreadsheets
  Marketing Planning (12/10/18)
  Residential Construction Lending
  Notary Public
  New Account Interview Business Accounts: CIP, Risk and Beneficial Ownership
  Georgia De Novo Bank Accelerator Series: Wrapping It All Up
  Quarterly Compliance Briefing: Winter 2018
  Credit Conference
  Information Security Program Frameworks
  20 Legal Account Ownerships, Titles, Sample Signature Cards and Legal Documentation
  Credit Conference
  The Do’s and Don’ts of Signature Card Contracts
  Preparation, Risk, and Critical Robbery
  Regulation E Error Resolutions and Disputes
  10 Deadly Habits of Dysfunctional Team and What to Do About Them
  Compliance for Commercial Lenders - Issues for the Unwary
  Basic Personal and Business Tax Return Analysis
  Common Check Scams Against Your Customer
  Best-Ever Compliance Checklists for Consumer Loans
  How to Avoid Safe Deposit Litigations
  Establishing a Respectful Workplace